Water is the enemy of any structure. It has the ability to undermine almost any material. While flooding isn’t a common natural disaster we face in San Diego, all it takes is a bursting pipe, and you can face the equivalent. Whether it is old plumbing, a damaged roof, or a damaged sprinkler system, the cost of fixing the damage caused by a few minutes of exposure to water can be very high.

Water always takes the path of least resistance. That path may be through a gap in your siding and into your walls or from an upstairs bathroom into your living room ceiling. The last thing you want is to come home from work or a vacation and find puddles and significant damage. If that happens, however, you have the ability to get the problem fixed and the damage restored.

The signs of water damage are usually pretty obvious, but depending on the source of the water, visible signs may not appear until the damage is very advanced. That is why it is so important to be able to identify something is up and get it addressed before it goes too far. In today’s blog, we want to share some signs that you have water damage and it is time to get an inspection. Read on to learn more!

Signs You Need a Water Damage Inspection

Walls and floors are bubbling.

  • You might see parts of your floor rising up, getting warped so they won’t lie flat. This can also happen to walls; you might see the paint getting damaged as the wall beneath it pushes up or out. Both of these types of bubbling are symptoms of water getting trapped in your walls and ceiling, where it will break materials down and create an optimal environment for mold.

You have to paint the walls frequently.

  • When water issues affect your walls, they can undermine the paint. If you find yourself painting every three to five years to cover up cracks, chips, and stains, you may want to to get a professional to inspect your home to ensure you don’t have water issues.

You’re seeing fungus or mold.

  • Mold, mildew, and fungus are all signs that you have a water issue in your home. Keep in mind that mold doesn’t always look black, green, or furry. It can look stringy and white as well. It can also look powdery and white. If you can’t seem to shake the mold, it’s definitely time to contact us.

Your energy bills are higher than normal.

  • If you notice that your energy bills are going up, it means your HVAC system is having to work harder to make your home comfortable. Generally, this happens when water damage is affecting your home’s walls. When water damages your walls, your home leaks air and becomes harder to heat or cool.

Your wallpaper is coming loose.

  • There’s nothing like wallpaper to create an instant effect in your home. When properly applied, it can look great for years. However, if your wallpaper keeps peeling off, it can mean that moisture damage is getting past the wallboard. In this case, it is absolutely essential that you contact us.

You’re seeing rot.

  • You may see your walls, ceilings, floors, or siding warping, getting soft, or just rotting away. If you aren’t sure what you are seeing, contact us so we can check out what is going on and determine whether or not there is a serious problem.

Contact RestoraCore

At RestoraCore, we provide water damage restoration that allows people to preserve the beauty and value of their homes. It doesn’t take much for water to cause expensive damage, but with RestoraCore, you have solutions. We provide complete, in-depth restoration services that not only restore homes to their former glory, they also make homes safe to live in again. Any home with water damage is a threat to the health of its inhabitants because it fosters mold, attracts pests, and undermines the protective layers of the home. At RestoraCore, we know how to safely remove any dangerous materials and replace them, carefully working to make everything look like new. Don’t let water issues get out of hand. Contact us in San Diego for water damage restoration!